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Study Service

SU Office and Study Systems

This department consists of two teams:

  • SU Office

  • Study systems

Head of department: Pernille Refstrup

The SU Office

The core tasks of the SU Office are administration of SU (the Danish State Eduction Grant), SPS  (Special Support for students with disabilities), and scholarships to study abroad for the university’s full-time students in Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen.

The SU Office is responsible for the tasks placed upon the university in accordance with the SU and SPS rules as well as regulatory requirements, and is required to follow the guidelines issued by the Agency for the Danish State Education Grant for the handling of SU and SPS cases. We cooperate with the faculty offices, other universities, the Agency for the Danish State Education Grant and external suppliers.

Administration of SU (The Danish State Education Grant)

  • Guidance on all types of study grants, e.g. SU grants, SU loans, additional SU in connection with birth, allowance as a provider, disability allowance, additional SU due to illness, transport discount etc. as well as guidance on the digital application procedure.
  • Information for students on SU news, etc.
  • Handling and approval of all types of education grants for the university’s full-time education programmes, access courses and upper secondary single courses
  • Allocation of 'ungdomskort' (public transport discount card) and milage allowance
  • Handling of study activity requirements
  • Linking of education codes between STADS and the SU Agency’s IT System US2000, which correlate information
  • Approval of students’ rights to bring along their State Education Grant when studying abroad 

Administration of SPS (Special Support for students with disabilities)

  • Guidance on the SPS scheme for students with physical or mental disabilities
  • Preparation of applications and recommendation for the support to the SU Agency
  • Procurement of support granted in the form of physical aids such as tables, chairs, IT equipment, etc. or as study support classes, secretarial services, mentors, etc.
  • Payment of the support and preparation of reimbursement claims to the SU Agency

Scholarships to study abroad

  • Guidance on the scholarship scheme for students who wish to study abroad
  • Processing of applications for payment of the study fee

Study Systems

The core responsibilities of Study Systems are support, operation and further development of the Study Administrative System, STADS, at Aalborg University, as well as other IT systems. Moreover, Study Systems is involved in the implementation of other systems which support the study administrative tasks at the university.


  • STADS (eSTADS, iStads/Stads+, STADS self-service)
  • DANS
  • INT
  • UniStart
  • Digital Exam


  • Support to AAU-employed users of STADS, DANS and Digital Exam
  • Preparation of information material and user guides
  • Provide courses for new and previous users of STADS, DANS and Digital Exam


  • Coordination between users, the IT department and the external IT developers

Further development:

  • Participation in the nationwide STADS coordination team (consisting of other STADS institutions, STADS-secretariat and external IT developer)
  • Participation in STADS-related task groups
  • Cooperation with AAU's IT department regarding in-house development of STADS and related systems – including the self-service system UniStart