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Elite Sport

Elite Sport (Nordjysk Elitesport) is a local support and counselling unit at AAU and University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) for elite athletes who combine their sport with an education.

Elite Sport provides counselling and guidance to both prospective and current elite athlete students regarding the combination of sport and education. We also help members with support schemes and flexible solutions in cooperation with the individual study programmes.

Core tasks for Elite sport are:

  • To provide counselling and guidance to elite athletes regarding the choice of studies, start of studies, the combination of sports and education, handling group work and other questions or challenges they may have.
  • To facilitate dialogue with the study programmes regarding athletes' challenges and possible solutions, such as exemptions and flexible individual study plans.
  • To provide elite athletes with supportive tools, such as cameras/dictaphones to record lectures, assigning buddies (a fellow student who shares notes from the lectures), etc.
  • To ensure that the offers of flexible education for elite athletes from Elite Sport (and therefore from AAU and UCN) are visible in elite sports environments in the region – e.g. by visiting the elite sports clubs in the region.

Admission requirements:

In order to be admitted to Elite Sport, the athlete/coach in question must be admitted to one of AAU's or UCN’s nationwide study programmes and must be an athlete or coach at the highest national level – or must be able to reach this level within a foreseeable number of years.

Applications to this scheme are submitted by completing an application form on the website of Elite Sport, where more information about the scheme can be found: www.nordjyskelitesport.dk (website in Danish)

Background information:

Elite Sport was founded in 2008 by AAU in cooperation with UCN, Elitesport Aalborg and AaB. With this initiative the parties wish to ensure that elite athletes do not have to choose between practising their sports and getting a higher education – this for the benefit of the individual athlete as well as the general society.