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Admissions and continuing education

Admissions and Continuing Education consists of the following teams:

  • Bachelor / undergraduate
  • Enrolment and Master / postgraduate
  • Continuing Education

Head of department: Ann-Pia Valentin Sørensen

Admissions (Bachelor and Enrolment/Master teams)

The core responsibilities of Admissions are regarding ordinary full-time study programmes at Aalborg University in Aalborg, Copenhagen and Esbjerg: admission and enrolment of students, sabbatical/leave from studies and withdrawal from AAU.

Admission and enrolment of students to ordinary programmes

  • Admission of students to bachelor and professional bachelor programmes through the Coordinated Admission System (KOT)
  • Admission of students to Master's programmes
  • Enrolment of guest students
  • Admission of international students (Master's, exchange and guest students) to English-language study programmes
  • Re-enrolment of students
  • Admission of students to qualifying courses and single courses at upper secondary school level
  • Determination of rules for admission and re-enrolment of students at AAU
  • Administration of tuition waivers and scholarships for international students from non-EU countries
  • Collection of tuition fees from international students from non-EU countries.

Leave of absence

  • Processing of applications for leave of absence from students (Danish and international)
  • Determination of rules on leave of absence for AAU students


  • Processing of students’ withdrawals from their studies
  • Determination of guidelines for withdrawal from enrolment at AAU.


Preparation of and contribution to various electronic information material, i.a. Studieguiden (the Study Guide), Adgangstjekker (Admission Requirement Check), Uddannelsestjekker (Education Check), Uddannelsesguiden (The Education Guide), etc.

Other tasks

  • Training/rehabilitation – case handling in relation to local authorities/job centres
  • Guidance for international students concerning the Danish Immigration Service.

In addition, Admissions provides the rest of AAU with administrative service and management information and participates in the development of student registration systems.

Continuing Education

The office for Continuing Education works as the ”entrance” to Aalborg University's part-time programmes. We offer guidance to prospective and current students regarding the part-time programmes at AAU and are responsible for administrative tasks such as admission to and enrolment in this type of education. The part-time programmes include a diploma degree, Master's programmes, ”full-time done part-time”, the Empty-place Scheme and specially arranged courses.

The core tasks of Continuing Education are:

Information and guidance

  • Publication of the part-time offers at UG.dk
  • Construction and maintenance of the online Study Guide for Aalborg University's part-time programmes
  • Information about AAU’s part-time offers
  • Guidance on AAU’s part-time education – including admission requirements, types of study and tuition fees
  • Guidance on SVU for part-time students (The State Educational Support for Adults scheme)

Case handling

  • Case handling of applications to part-time programmes
  • Case handling of withdrawals from and re-enrolment in part-time programmes
  • Case handling of students under the training/rehabilitation scheme
  • Case handling in relation to new rules and Acts in the part-time field

Admission and Payment collection

  • Registration of part-time students in STADS (Student Administrative System)
  • Collection of tuition fees from part-time students
  • Annual reporting to the ministries MVTU/UVM with a view to payment of Annual Education Rates
  • In-house reporting to the faculties after each intake

Development tasks

  • Development of STADS in connection with registration of part-time students
  • Development of the Application Portal (STADS-DANS) (digital online system)
  • Cooperation with faculties, heads of studies, anchor lecturers, study secretaries as well as external cooperation partners concerning the development of AAU's part-time programmes

Other tasks

  • Administrative service and guidance to faculties, heads of studies, anchor lecturers and study secretaries concerning part-time education
  • Collection of part-time program offers from study boards and faculties
  • Certification of SVU (State Educational Support for Adults) applications
  • Checking the study activity for part-time students who receive SVU (State Educational Support for Adults)


ADmissions, bachelor

Email: bacheloroptag@aau.dk
Tel: +45 9940 9425

Monday, Tuesdag and Thursday 12 noon - 3 pm
Friday 12 noon - 2 pm
Wednesday closed

Fibigerstræde 10
9220 Aalborg East

Admissions, Master (full-time)

Email: masteradmission@aau.dk
Tel: +45 9940 9655

Monday, Tuesdag and Thursday 12 noon - 3 pm
Friday 12 noon - 2 pm
Wednesday closed

Fibigerstræde 10
9220 Aalborg East

Continuing Education (part-time)

Email: ce@aau.dk
Tel.: +45 9940 9420
Mon-Thur. 12 noon - 3 pm; Friday 12 noon - 2 pm
Fibigerstræde 10
9220 Aalborg East