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Mission, vision AND vALUES


It is the objective and mission of Study Service to contribute to solving Aalborg University’s tasks as an education institution:

  • By developing suitable and efficient administrative solutions and service offers to the university’s study programmes and students, and
  • By providing relevant support to the university’s management.


Study Service will:

  • Contribute to improving the knowledge of all the university’s education offers in Denmark and abroad and to ensuring admission of the best qualified students. This applies to admission to full-time as well as part-time programmes in Danish and English. Study Service aims to provide attentive, thorough and objective information with a view to reducing the dropping-out rate.
  • Contribute to developing completion guidance, guidance on change of studies, guidance on study visits and internships in Denmark and abroad as well as guidance on placement. The placement guidance includes activities which can contribute to strengthening the students’ employment opportunities.
  • Develop procedures for student grants, scholarships, support in connection with visits abroad as well as Special Support for students with disabilities with a view to ensuring correct and quick administration.
  • Develop the university’s study administrative system (STADS) and other IT support systems. The IT systems are developed with a web interface, and the aim is to provide as many self-service offers to the students as possible.
  • Develop procedures for information and support to the management at all levels concerning application, admission, completion, employment and other relevant activities.


We would like to be known for the below values:

  • We are part of Aalborg University and support the university’s work as an education institution in the best way possible.
  • We are open to changes and know that they will arise all the time, both outside and inside the university.
  • We would like to enter into a dialogue with other parts of the university when solving a joint problem.
  • We are a service organisation and will provide our customers with a professional service.
  • We will show respect for other people’s views and interests, but also expect a corresponding respect from others.
  • Internally, we will show respect for each other’s views by means of approving communication.
  • We are responsible for each other and must take initiatives against isolation, bad atmosphere, harassment and stress symptoms.